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Feng Shui Package 2
Price: $475.00
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Package 2.

Floorplan of Overview of Home and up to 4 Individual Rooms $475.00
  Based on 2 bedroom home - average sized rooms up to 12' x 13'

For Your Convenience, I offer a split payment plan on this package.

Pay a 50% Deposit now with the balance due in 2 weeks.

Package 2 Includes:

• Bagua Map applied to floorplan of entire home
• Bagua Map applied to Individual Floorplans for each room of your home (up to 4 rooms)
• Suggestions on Furniture Placement and Cures
• Feng Shui Analyzer Worksheet
• Written Analysis with suggestions on completion of project
• Mapped out Custom Floorplans
• Before and After Pictures (if applicable)

Detailed Description: This includes all of the above not only applied to the floorplan of the home, but also individual floorplans of up to 4 rooms in your home.

If you wish to add on additional rooms, you can do so for a special rate of $45 per hour.

Space Clearing and De-Cluttering are suggested prior to applying any Feng Shui Packages. You can add this to any package for a special rate of $45.00 per hour OR you can choose the Do It Yourself Option at no extra charge.
Do It Yourself Option: 
If your home is particularly cluttered, I can email you a detailed “De-Clutter it Yourself” program prior to my coming out. This includes SIMPLE, detailed step-by-step instructions on how to de-clutter your space quickly and easily and provides resources for donations. This way I can begin with Space Clearing immediately and then move on to Feng Shui Enhancement when I enter your space. Don’t worry - I have tested these instructions on a hoarder who only had a pathway through her home with outstanding results!
Before and After pictures will be taken and emailed to you as well as being posted to my website. Your identity will remain completely anonymous when posted. (Photo Consent Form required).


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