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Law of Attraction E-Mail Program
Price: $47.00
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How to Turn Your Life Around in 30 Days –

 Daily E-Mail Program with Phone Support - $47.00

*You will get out of this program what you put into it,

results are unique to every person and there are no specific guarantees*

Email programs will be emailed daily, as described and cannot be ‘suspended’ or put ‘on hold’. It is the client’s responsibility to follow the program and alter it to their own schedule. You are encouraged to print out daily emails and save into a binder.

• Daily emails for 30 days
• Printable Workbook Format
• Emails consist of Morning and Evening Rituals and Day-time Exercises (approx. 1 hour of time to invest daily)
• One 15 Minute Phone Call during the second week of Program with me
• Email access for any questions that arise

Detailed Description: Utilizing the Teachings of Abraham-Hicks, you will be E-Mailed Daily Exercises for 30 days consisting of tools and techniques you can apply to reduce your resistances to and increase your allowing of the flow of universal life giving energy through you.

Each day there is a morning ritual, some day time exercises and an evening ritual. All together the time spent on these rituals and exercises should not exceed one hour. 15 minutes for the morning ritual, 15 minutes for the evening ritual and about 30 minutes throughout the day for daytime exercises.

You also receive one 15 minute phone call during the second week with me to discuss any questions you may have about your exercises. Otherwise you may contact me by email.

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