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Space Clearing and De-Cluttering
Price: $50.00
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  (Highly Suggested Prior to Applying any Feng Shui Practices.
You can add this to any package for a special rate of $45.00 per hour.)

Based on 2 bedroom home - average sized rooms up to 12' x 13'
My fee is $50 per hour for Space Clearing and De-Cluttering of your Space.
(2 Hour Minimum Recommended if you need De-Cluttering Assistance)

Space Clearing and De-Cluttering Includes:

• Visual Bagua Mapping of your room
• Sage Blessing to clear negative energy
• Reiki Protection Symbols Placed in your room
• Tibetan Bell Clearing
• De-Cluttering and organizing of items in room
• Resources for donations provided
• Before and After Pictures (if applicable)

Detailed Description: This includes a visual Bagua Mapping of your room which determines where all of your life areas are in that room.
A Sage Blessing of the room along with Reiki Power symbols and Tibetan Bell clearing, to rid the room of all negative energy and infuse your intentions and love into the space.

I will help you determine where items should be placed in that room and work with you to go through all clutter. You will need to provide boxes, garbage bags, markers and packing tape as well as scotch tape. I will provide a label maker and sharpies to help with organization.

We will sort all of your clutter and organize what is being kept in that room. I will provide you with resources for donations if you have them.
Before and After pictures will be taken and emailed to you as well as being posted to my website. Your identity will remain completely anonymous when posted. (Photo consent form required)
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