From Cheryl C. – DeCluttering


Simone was awesome to work with. She got my butt moving and helped me purge so much stuff and pack boxes for my upcoming move. I highly recommend Simone’s assistance!!


From Kathleen K. – DeCluttering/Organizing


Simone is so helpful! I’ve had her help me organize and purge my apt 3-4 times. She’s great at organizing, and kept me on track the whole time, but allowed me to work at my own pace. She didn’t pass judgement on anything that I had hidden away, it was such a freeing experience! We filled 3 garbage cans and donated 4 carloads of stuff! It was so great to get rid of things! I definitely recommend simone’s help, she was a delight!



From Lola W. – Feng Shui Analysis


Simone gave me some very helpful suggestions based on the FENG SHUI of my apartment. After the arrangement, my life gradually went on track. Highly recommended!



From Randy C. – Feng Shui Analysis


I originally learned about Feng Shui from a family member when moved into a new house in Colorado years ago.  I was given the gift of a home analysis and design by a consultant.  One of the first things I did when I moved to Chicago was look for a similar consultant to help me out with a new apartment space…

I was thoroughly impressed with Simone and her company Aligned Inside.  Simone is not just another “similar consultant”, she is a compassionate person, good listener and very informed on feng shui.  I looked at a variety of people in Chicago, and had the fortune of finding her website online.  From day one, I was impressed with her professionalism and responsiveness.  Soon after our initial consultation, I was given a very detailed analysis of my space, and she has since followed up with several emails checking in to see how things were going, and if I had any additional questions.

I would highly recommend her, and would be happy to be a reference for her for anyone seeking a similar service.  While I appreciated the feng shui analysis I had when I moved into my first home in CO, I can’t help but remark on the difference between great service, and exceptional service with Simone and her company.



From Jill S. – Feng Shui Analysis


Simone did a great job with my onsite Feng Shui home assessment, and the final assessment report arrived quickly and professionally thereafter.  I was initially skeptical that altering small things around the house would actually change my environment.  However, after making many of the suggested home alterations, at one unexpected moment, I really felt that the atmosphere in my home was no longer as “heavy”, that it was now much “lighter”.  And that realization was amazing and satisfying that I had actually taken some steps to improve my life.  I enjoyed the experience.  Thank you, Simone!



From Andrea – Owner of Infuse Yoga Spa – Feng Shui and Space Clearing


THANK YOU to everyone who helped us move in a couple weeks ago! Special thanks to Simone Targo of Aligned Inside for her feng shui consultation and energy clearing, to Karleen DeVilla for her interior design advice, to Nichole Lovett of Harmony Haus for painting the new studio with non-tox, eco-friendly VOC free paint, to Joe Metzger of Prudential Rubloff Properties for helping me get into this location in the first place and to Tatiana Czaplicki for crossing my legal t’s and dotting the i’s.


click on the link below to see the entire newsletter:

This is her blog about the move (I’m the Feng Shui advisor mentioned)




From Mary Lee Kane – Reiki Client

Chicago, IL


I love the treatments. They have been really making a difference in how I am feeling. I have a general overall feeling of relaxation and some medical problems are improving very quickly. I do highly recommend this. Try it you will LOVE it!!!!



From Jeanne Eichorst, Empowerment Life Coaching Client

May 5, 2010

I have spent a good part of my life looking through windows, not realizing that in order to best understand life’s purpose, one needs to walk through doors. With personal commitment, “soft eyes” and, Simone’s natural ability to guide I am beginning to understand myself and move toward achieving some of my longed for goals.  What a journey! Thank You Simone!

July 5, 2010

Thank you Simone, for helping me relocate the JOY in my life.  Your guidance through the process of Life Coaching has given me a new insight to developing and manifesting the dreams I have always had.



From Marilyn Dye – Email Decluttering Program, De-Cluttering and Reiki

May 1, 2010

I have been a clutter nut forever, and Simone really helped me out with her Email De-cluttering Program, I highly recommend her for anyone who needs help with de-cluttering and organizing and have her help you find your floor! The program was detailed, step-by-step and made it EASY for me to implement.

I decided I needed personal help and had Simone work with me twice for 2 hours at my house and got more done than I had in several weeks with others help! 

Simone also gave me Reiki. It was my first Reiki treatment and I had a very positive response. I felt very relaxed afterwards and will definitely do it again!.



From Liz B. – Empowerment Life Coaching Program


Through my entire life I had been caretaking others (parents, husband, children, etc.).  You have helped my reevaluate my goals in life and helped me achieve a person I have always wanted to be.  Through your Life Coaching I see what I have been missing, and not only that,  you showed me how I can accomplish what I’ve always dreamed about.  I feel enlightened regarding my future and I cannot thank you enough.  I am so motivated!



From James V. – Feng Shui – De-Clutter/Organizing

Chicago, IL


Simone did an excellent job creating a layout, feng shuing, and designing my loft condo space. She was even able to help me source some new furniture pieces.  I believed in her design, staging, and space clearing so much that I bought a package for my mom who needed help moving.  After 20 years in one place and saving random pieces of mail and assorted papers, this was no small feat.  My mom was under a strict deadline and within in two hours, Simone was able to help her clear out her dining room, kitchen, and den.  She was patient and effective with my mom who tends to get overwhelmed quite easily.  This made moving day very easy for my mom.  Thank you Simone.



From Joann L. – Reiki Client


I have known Simone through the years and have seen her evolve in her new Reiki practice – Aligned Inside. She is focused on helping others heal to reach their dreams and desires. As a Reiki practitioner, Simone effectively moves your energy, opens your chakras and balances your body…you feel it during the session with her radiant hands.



From Julieann Shourie – Organizing/De-Cluttering

February 3, 2010

I have slowly begun the cleaning and organizing in my house. After Simone was at my house for 2+ hours, my garage showed marked improvement. This also helped me start off taking care of the piles in various areas of the house. I now park one car in the garage! Thanks for your help! I look forward to her next visit.


From Rhonda W. – Reiki Client

Chicago, IL


Reiki is a wonderful and powerful energy healing modality. It can change your life whether you are dealing with disease and illness or whether you are healthy and need to relax, de-stress, or attain balance. I have received Reiki treatments in the past from numerous practitioners to help me relax, and I have to say Simone was the best! She brings a caring, attentive, and gentle nature to her work, which I believe helps make the client comfortable and more receptive. With Simone, I have felt the most unforgettable, and relaxing flow of energy cascading through me during my treatment. Afterward, I felt more light, balanced, and relaxed–exactly what I was looking for! Thanks Simone!



From Pat M – Special Education Teacher, Empowerment Life Coach

Oxford, Ct


Many thanks to Simone!  She was my partner throughout the Empowerment Training Program and acted as both my coach and client.  I have noticed tremendous changes in my life already. Simone’s caring and gentle nature allowed me to journey to places of conflict and pain which were stored within my psyche.  She helped me to realize the limiting beliefs that emerged from those areas and turn them around, forming affirmations.  She helped me to discover my growing edges (next steps towards growth) in  the areas of emotions, relationships, sexuality, the body, money, work and spirituality.  My life is now exciting and I’m moving forward in directions which are pointing me towards my true life purpose. I would highly recommend Coach Simone to anyone.  You’ll be amazed at the results!



From L K. – Reiki Client

New York, NY


I had the pleasure of being in coaching training with Simone. Her powerful reiki touch reduced some pain I was experiencing.  She is a very thoughtful and caring healer and a wonderful resource!


From Jennifer B. – Empowerment Coaching Client
Washington, DC
I did empowerment coaching with Simone and I found her to be thoughtful, patient and a deep listener as she helped me articulate my affirmations. She enabled an environment that allowed me to explore myself. 



From Julieann S. – De-Cluttering/Organizing

Geneva, IL


I was struggling with my garage.  I called Simone and she helped jump start my garage transformation.  I liked having her over because not only was she a great help at getting organized, but she helped to empower me while we were doing the job.  A great energy to have help you working at whatever level you need.



From Daphne Walsh – Project: Organizing and Packing to Move


December, 2009


“Simone, thank you for your help today. your services for organizing with moving is the best money i have ever spent! you took so much pressure off and your ideas and skills are what make you so excellent at your job. We got a lot done in 3 hours . I’m on my way thanks to you, Daphne”